Sun King Label Approvals

Looks like Sun King recently got approval for two new labels.  First is The Deuce, which is their second collaboration with Oscar Blues.  It was previously a secret but I guess now it is out since it is on the label.  The can says it is a “Hopped up Brown Ale” coming in at 8%ABV and I believe will also be in the Alumi-Tek® re-sealable pint bottle.

Next label approval is for an old beer that appears to be coming back.  It is Velvet Fog aka Batch 333.  This is Sun Kings Belgian Quad described as “a malt forward beer with a complex fruity aroma and flavors from the unique blend of Belgian yeasts.  Hints of caramelized brown sugar and dried cherries…”

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People’s Brewing Label Approvals

First label is for People’s Brewing 100th batch.  It is an imperial stout with black strap molasses.  According to the label it is 86 IBUS.  That is one of the highest IBU stouts I have ever seen.  In relation here are some other big hoppy stouts and their IBUS.

*Great Divide Yeti and Victory Storm King are both 75 IBUS

*Hopping Frog D.O.R.I.S. is 70 IBUS

*Goose Island Night Stalker is 60 IBUS

Next label is for Farmer’s Daughter Wheat Ale.  A nice sessionable 4.2% ABV wheat ale made with lemongrass.  Sounds like a great summer beer.

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De Molen to Collaborate with 3 Floyds

Looks like another great Belgian brewer is making a tour through the Midwest and doing some collaborations along the way.  Last year De Struise rolled through Indiana and did beers with 3 Floyds and New Albanian, giving use Shark Pants, Naughty Girl and B’Urban Trotter.  All three were excellent beers.  Lets hope De Molen can produce the same.  They will first stop at Against the Grain in Louisville and are scheduled to be at 3 Floyds on June 15th.  Here is the description on what they will be brewing with 3 Floyds.

Friday, June 15th – Brew at Three Floyds a big Saison fermented high in temperature and dry-hopped.

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3 Floyds Label Approvals

3 Floyds just got label approval for a couple of new beers.  The first is Rye Da Tiger.  It is a Double Rye IPA.  Here is how Nick Floyd describes it, “It will be a double rye IPA that comes out this summer: big, giant, caramel, rye, flower with kumquat aroma with hops from New Zealand.”

The next one is a beer that last years Indy Microbrewers Fest attendees may be familiar with called Deesko.  It was served as I ❤ Deesko at Beerfest and was one of my favorites I tried that day.


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Three Floyds Admendment is Official

The Three Floyds admendment, or what it is officially known as HB 1054, was signed into law by Governor Daniels back on March 15th.  Last year the cap was increased to 30,000 barrels for small breweries the ability to still receive tax breaks, the ability to self distribute and allows on-site sales.  This admendment stipulates the following:

“The permit does not limit the number of barrels of beer in a calendar year that the brewer may manufacture for sale or distribution outside Indiana.
(b) The commission may issue a brewer’s permit to a brewer for a brewery that manufactures not more than thirty thousand (30,000) barrels of beer in a calendar year for sale or distribution within Indiana”

The new amendment makes it so that that beer distributed outside of Indiana does not go against the 30,000 barrel cap.

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Super Beer Events

There are a few special craft beer happenings this week with the Super Bowl in town.

First off Beer Seller has their Super Bells Party on Feb 1st.  They will have 20 taps  of Bells goodness on tap and a firkin starting at 6PM.

Tap List:
Best Brown
Black Note
Double Cream Stout
Expo Stou
Harry Mag Spiced Stout
Hell Hath No Fury
Java Stout
Kalamazoo Stout
Quinannan Falls
Raspberry Ale
Rye Stout
Third Coast Beer
Two Hearted
Winter White

Also Flat12 is having some Super Tappings this week.  A different beer each day.

Jan 30- KiwiKiwiHefe (pints only)
Jan 31- Cherry Milk Stout (pints only)
Feb 1- Belgian Winter Cyclo (pints only)
Feb 2- Blackberry Porter (growlers and nitro pints)
Feb 3- BBD 68 Rye Stout

Next up is the Upland Indy Tasting Room.  One beer will be on special each day this week for $3 pints, $12 pitchers and $7 growlers.  Here is the list:

1/30 Monday- Bad Elmer’s Porter
1/31 Tuesday- Rad Red Amber Ale
2/1 Wednesday- All beers
2/2 Thursday- Helios Pale Ale
2/3 Friday- Dragonfly IPA
2/4 Saturday- Wheat Ale

They will round out the week with the Upland Super Bowl Party.  There will be $10 pitchers, free food and TVs to watch the game.

And of course Sun King has there Underground Tent Party all week.  I don’t believe there is any special tappings but there is plenty of food and music.

Monday 1/30 FREE Tuesday 1/31 FREE

Wednesday 2/1 FREE $5 Neon Love Life
6:30p.m. to 9:30p.m.

Thursday 2/2 $5
Left Lane Cruiser
6:30p.m. to 9:30p.m.

Friday 2/3 $5
6:30p.m. to 9:30p.m.

Saturday 2/4 $5
Oreo Jones
6:30p.m. to 9:30p.m.

Sunday 2/5
OPEN 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Kegs and Eggs

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Upland Gilgamesh Label Approval

Last week Upland received label approval for Gilgamesh their Flanders Red.  Hopefully that means we should be hearing about a release sometime soon.  Upland went all out on this using a labor intensive turbid mash and and long kettle boil, techniques usually practiced mainly by the Belgian lambic makers.  This beer recently won the gold medal at the Festival of Barrel Aged Beers in Chicago in Wild Beers category.

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